Georgetown ADA

History of ADA Accessibility in Georgetown

In 1992, the City Council passed Resolution No. 920035 establishing a policy regarding non-discrimination of individuals with disabilities and appointing an Advisory Task Force.

In March 2011, City Council discussed the appointment of an ADA Coordinator, the creation of an ADA Task Force, and the development of an ADA Transition Plan.  City Council Minutes from March 22, 2011, Item K, are available here.

In April 2011, the City Council appointed an ADA Coordinator and an ADA Advisory Task Force to develop an ADA Transition Plan to address City compliance with the ADA and report back to the City Council.  City Council Minutes from April 12, 2011, Item P, are available here.

In March 2014, the City Council approved Resolution No. 032514-L adopting an ADA Transition Plan for the City of Georgetown.

Georgetown sidewalks and facilities project updates are available at

The City’s ADA Coordinator is Ray Miller,, (512) 930-2544.

Members of the ADA Advisory Task Force included:  Stephanie Blanck, Dawn Jennings, Chris Spence, and Dr. Gayle Tunamie.

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